we’re a community catalyst

We envision the return to true communities — where people meet and engage with others who share their passions, shared-needs, beliefs, and/or life purpose at events throughout the Coachella Valley.

our mission

  • Get people out of their homes & engaged in local events throughout the Coachella Valley, where they can share their passions, interests, life purpose, & beliefs with the like-minded.
  • Empower organizations & ‘local area experts’ to create & promote successful events for building their brand & followers by sharing their talents, knowledge, experience & points-of-view with the community.
  • Enable visitors to easily discover & participate in the wealth of activities going on throughout the Coachella Valley.

connecting the event ecosystem in Coachella Valley

our team

William Ryan

When Steve Jobs re-took Apple’s helm, he called on Bill Ryan and his Niehaus | Ryan team to manage Apple’s turnaround and to launch the iMac. When two Internet entrepreneurs at Stanford with a little- known enterprise called Yahoo! wanted to burst onto the national scene, they too turned to Ryan. Through the scope of his career, Ryan has over 40 years experience creating and promoting events.

Carter Lowrie

For over 40 years Lowrie has been tracking, organizing and participating in events throughout the country. He has over 35 years of experience as a business manager, comptroller and event manager.

Branislav Gjorcevski

“Banne” Gjorcevski is a strategy advisor and Investor. He’s always been at the forefront of the corporate growth, innovation, and market positioning process. Collaboratively engaged in the design of company strategy, strategic partnerships, innovative revenue models, go-to-market strategy, transformational technology and leadership, his involvement has helped various companies achieve growth and success.

Nancy Hunt-Weber

Nancy Hunt-Weber is an award-winning, full-service marketing and communications pro, with over 35 years of experience. Her areas of specialty include branding; market positioning; strategy and planning; content development; public relations; as well as creative for print, web, eblasts, and social media for clients throughout the US and Europe. She has brought her expertise to the food & beverage, travel, entertainment, retail, education, non-profit, and city government industries, to name a few.

IT Labs

IT Labs was founded in Los Angeles in 2005 by three creative entrepreneurs. A tech guy, a sales guy, and a corporate guy. We started as a typical software outsourcing company providing technical resources to different organizations. A few years later, we added a product team in order to provide complete product lifecycle management, producing complete software products, from idea to product launch and maintenance.

As we were evolving, we decided to standardize our processes, implementing four ISO certificates for quality. This allowed us to guarantee our deliverables to our customers: on-time and on budget while delivering the highest quality product!

Today we are a global technology development company, driven by teams, process, and best practices, servicing many customers in different verticals and on three (3) different continents.

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