Virtual Meetings

Inventing new strategies to educate, entertain & engage with your fans & customers

Incentive Marketing

Coupons, promotions & membership strategies for building brand loyalty

Social Strategies

Leverage the latest tools, technologies & methods to monitor & respond to the social trends & memes impacting your organization

PR / Media Relations

Leverage the latest tools, technologies & methods to monitor & respond to the social trends & memes impacting your organization

Influencer Engagement

Leverage the people that matter to enliven your brand

Content Development

Create compelling content to engage & educate your target markets & audiences

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Create brand stories & positioning that are compelling, credible & concise so they quickly become contagious

Event Production

For local expert voices & organizations needing help organizing & promoting events, tours & other activities, Coachella Valley numerous resources

Event Production


virtual event production

Successful meetings and events are those that leave lasting positive memories for your audience.

They also achieve strategic objectives as an event for your company or organization. While the actual event or meeting may last only a few hours, the time and effort to organize it generally takes months or even years to prepare. The overall success of these meetings and events largely depends on how competently they are managed.

Our team has perfected its expertise in formal and informal practices and processes to develop engaging meetings and events. We incorporate your company’s culture and brand with an eye towards providing the most positive moments of impression.

Whether hosting celebrity guest speakers or developing corporate social responsibility and activities, we integrate the meeting program content with your business objective to ensure complete alignment with your audience.


  • Speaker and Presentation Training
  • Image Counseling
  • Virtual meeting technology integration and management
  • Event or meeting agenda development
  • Provide event or meeting leader

incentive marketing

What are the most essential components for engaging customers and retaining customer loyalty in today’s age?

Creating a relevant Loyalty Program that is easy to use and employs a system  to foster that loyalty and a plurality of purchasing choices is key. Meaningful rewards for purchases and sales, support from co-op funding, access to education and business-building tips, sweepstakes, and games are just a few possibilities. With the vast array of choices facing customers today, it takes a comprehensive Loyalty Program created by experienced advisors to provide active engagement, which is so necessary to ensure customer loyalty. Customized to your brand standards and Loyalty Program rules, our customer loyalty initiatives:

  • Improve customer relationships and retention.
  • Provide key market intelligence and customer data.
  • Increase product adoption and sales.
  • Encourage product referrals and customer endorsements.

content development

“The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story.”  James O’Brien, Mashable

Regardless of the scope of our project, we have the resources to quickly turn your insight and expertise into beautiful and compelling content. Content people value, admire, and respond to.


  • Graphic design
  • Video and audio production
  • Copywriting
  • Music Production
  • Image Counseling
  • Speaker and Presentation Training

influencer engagement

Name a brand out there that isn’t leveraging a niche-specific influencer to promote their product.

This technique of marketing is as old as media and leveraged every day by brands like Nike, Mercedes and Coke.  Influencers such as Oklahoma-born makeup stylist Huda Kattan is now arguably the world’s most influential beauty expert.

It is a 5-10 Billion Dollar market by 2020!  So if every Fortune 500 company is leveraging Influencer Marketing, why aren’t you connecting with some of the most influential people in your Industry?

We bridge the gap between you and the perfect influencers to broadcast your brand across the social ecosystem. Stay productive and spend your time on Influencers that deliver what you are asking for.

social strategies

Can you respond in realtime?

When it comes to social media, there is A LOT of information. And, it’s changing all the time.

How do you know what course to take?  Do you spend hours evaluating options only to learn your strategy is already outdated?  While running your business at the same time. . .

If you’re not immersed in the social landscape, it is nearly impossible to know what works, and how long it might last.

That is why we can help.

Our Social Strategy lives in social spaces — using the latest tools, technologies and methods to monitor and respond to the social trends and memes impacting our clients’ businesses.  We study clients’ social channels and behaviors — determining what’s working, what’s not, what’s hurting.  Team collaboration continually refines our best-practices.Working with your marketing and communications group, our Social Strategies team can assess current company initiatives and share our first-hand experience.  Collectively we craft a strategy that your team can implement.  Over time, we test and tweak the system until we have a steady flow of targeted traffic coming to your pages and growing your community.

brand building strategy

Your brand is a story that is told and retold inside your organization, across its ecosystem, and the universe.

We’ve all been in a room pitching something – an idea, product, our self.  You’re telling a story and everyone is being polite and saying things like “interesting.”

SORRY, but nobody in history has signed a check for something ‘interesting.’

Then all of a sudden the tide turns – someone in the room finally ‘groks’ it and people in the room love it and hate hate it. Most of all THEY GET IT!

Remember what happened next? Body language starts to change and eyes get dilated. A voice enthusiastically says “COOL.”  And, almost telepathically, everyone starts to say “COOL”.

“COOL” is where everybody educating, entertaining and selling wants to be.  Getting to “COOL” quickly is the challenge and it also happens to be what we do best. We work closely with event producers and venues to ensure your brand connects in meaningful, memorable, and exciting ways. In other words, we take your brand to the next level, the “COOL” level.

PR / Media Relations